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Among the endless paradisaical spots that define the Caribbean, Jamaica remains an island that beats to its own rhythm. It is equally as beautiful as it is strong, with crystalline waters flowing around coral reefs and breaking over white sandy beaches. Vast stretches of untouched nature feature cascading waterfalls, mystical caves and breathtaking mountain ranges. Jamaica entices visitors with uncountable opportunities to explore the island and its surroundings, be it on foot, on a bamboo raft or by diving and snorkeling. Jamaican culture with its creole influences resonates everywhere and you can taste it in the rich stews, African spices and of course, the Jamaican rum.
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Ocho Rios

A major city in what is nicknamed as "the Garden Parish," Ocho Rios is sitting on the northern shore of Jamaica and thus is surrounded by a multitude of natural landmarks that many consider the most stunning on the entire island. The landscape here is enriched by numerous waterfalls, azure waters, lush tropical forests, to be explored by air, on horse, underwater, you name it — and once in downtown, let the famous Jamaican hospitality pamper you during your stay.
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Lucea's appeal goes beyond its stunning white-sand beaches, secluded coves, and picture-perfect sunsets. It also extends to the quaint colonial town that plays host to a bustling weekly market on Saturdays. Nestled between Montego Bay and Negril, Lucea is a tranquil and pristine destination that has yet to be overrun by tourists, unlike many other popular Jamaican getaways.
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Often overshadowed by Montego Bay, Falmouth is a promising destination on the verdant north shore of Jamaica. The city is rich in architectural heritage reflecting centuries of intriguing history, and is surrounded by natural wonders that show just how much life in Jamaica is intertwined with water — from gushing springs and waterfalls to the calm Caribbean embracing the coast.
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Montego Bay

MoBay, the nickname Montego Bay goes by locally, rose to prominence once a certain Sir Herbert Barker deemed swimming in a particular spot along its coastline to have exceptional health benefits. And while the curative effects of Doctor’s Cave waters remain up for debate, its striking aesthetic and promise of frolic certainly do not – MoBay remains a potent crowd-pleaser, accepting incomers on the daily, by the shipload.